2022 Edition #6 : Part 2- FX, Commodities & Politics


Banks share prices continue to climb as value and dividend stocks come back into vogue.

Given the breadth of natural disasters around the world, I am not sure I would want to be in insurance or insurance underwriting.

The Aussie Dollar and Commodities

Alright, I did say the AUD was not going to hit 75 cents.

It did – but only just. To be fair, it is still there.

Moving averages show it could go higher still, but opening and closing levels have the spurt tapering.

The main drivers are our ‘stable’ government (Barnaby aside) and commodity prices that are at 40 year highs.

Can commodities and the AUD go higher?

I say…

It is at this point that I remind everyone that the opinions expressed here are purely Black Swan’s and if you trade on the back of anything here you should perhaps thinks twice or three times…


This close to a Federal election, I would much rather discuss the policy differences of the two parties.

Instead, we have continued down the rabbit hole of US style ‘presidential’ politics.

Daggy Dad has lost his shine, whilst Albo is just daggy (but less of it after the diet).

Quickly touching on the budget again, the big infrastructure spending tickets still seem like massive pork barrels of cash to me, though. Victoria got jatzed.

And in SA, of the $2.8 Billion spending, over 95% of it goes to just two seats, and you guessed it… they are both marginal.

Plain bullshit.

An old meme below but it covers the last few weeks well in which party or person can be the biggest bully.

Tweet of the week:

The Young Liberals came out swinging this week that bullying and violence against women must stop.

They then got into hot water when they posted this:

As an aside, I’m on the fence regarding the real Will Smith incident. I don’t condone violence, but I do believe in protecting your loved ones. But I also don’t give a toss about the Oscars (or whatever it was).

Feedback always appreciated…

If you want to write a piece – long or short, drop us a DM.

(written down by Black Swan)

Cheers, BS


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