2023 July edition – The art (heart) of a deal

14 July

The Ashes series has been an absolute cracker. Early Tweet of the week contender in response to the English cricketers saying "we could have won both the first two tests". Big Picture Sometimes I can be persuaded into thinking "this...[Read More]

2023 Edition #3 or 1A ? Hurts me more than you.

12 June

Big Picture I could claim strategic and technical errors for delay, but truth is the market has me quite confused at present. A bit like the ABC getting abused for being too left and being abused at the same time for being too right,...[Read More]

2023 Edition #2: Revealing it all – must read.

21 March

Big Picture It is all about the bonds - and not James Bond.   But before we look at the shitshow that is the world market, an announcement. This scribe has long had "a crack" at dodgy banks, politicians and market participants -...[Read More]

2023 Edition #1: What is ahead? Simple.

8 February

Big Picture OK - so regularity is not Black Swan's core strength. Bit of festive season lethargy overlaid with rapid time slippage. But the garden has never looked better - rather weed than write. So what is ahead? A bit like the...[Read More]

2022 Edition #15: UK – Let’s try again…

10 November

Big Picture It has been a while - we have had three UK Prime Ministers since the last update. Serious case of writers block - but I will try to unpick the bits that piqued my interest over the last month. The UK experience is amusing. ...[Read More]

2022 Edition #14: Magda not MAGA

27 September

Big Picture I said "Luv", I said "Dear" I've been in mourning. To be fair Queen Liz was a cracker, but none too keen on the next crop. Picture below of the real King and some bloke called Charles....   At least the...[Read More]

2022 Edition #13: Pivot…what pivot?

30 August

Big Picture It's just a jump to the leftAnd then a step to the right Put your hands on your hipsYou bring your knees in tight Been awhile - and I can't say that there is bugger all to talk about in the markets.  But here is a metaphor for my...[Read More]