2022 Edition #6 : Part 3 – Housing, Crypto & Thoughts

April 1, 2022

Housing The planned increase in migration is an interesting one regarding housing. Nearly half a million more people to house in the next few years. Undoubtedly, the biggest one 'thing' in house prices is the cost. Part A of the cost is purchase...[Read More]

2022 Edition #5 – The Skinny Edition

March 24, 2022

Big Picture I've been contemplating my navel for a week or so in a mountain cave. So, what has been happening? The epiphany I had was that these reports are too long - well at least a few reader's complaints helped me come to that...[Read More]

2022 Edition #4 – Dealing with New Issues

March 3, 2022

Big Picture Global picture is pretty bleak this week. Ukrainian conflict has been well covered by msn as well as social media. I'll touch on the market effects, but very much aware there is a far bigger humanitarian crisis unfolding. I was...[Read More]

2022 Edition #3 – Just Smoke and Mirrors

February 24, 2022

(written down by Black Swan) Big Picture Firstly, we don't condone smoking, of any sort. Lots of reasons why, and one in particular will become clearer later. We had predicted that Putin would agree to Chinese requests to delay action on...[Read More]

2022 Edition #2 – It is just getting silly now

February 13, 2022

(written down by Black Swan) Big Picture Like a crocodile lying in wait for a gazelle to cross the water, I have been hit with too many targets this week. The stupidity of the market is matched by politics here and abroad. The big data this...[Read More]

2022 Edition #1 – New Year, same bull

February 3, 2022

(written down by Black Swan) Big Picture Wow - long time between drinks. With so much happening it was hard to know when to hit the restart button. Then again, if I won an award for laziness, I would probably get someone else to collect the...[Read More]

2021 Edition #43 – Onwards and Upwards to 2022

December 14, 2021

(written down by Black Swan) Bad sandwich... Big Picture Last edition for 2021.  It is such a good edition, it has taken a week and a half. Nah, just kidding. IT issues. The ASX 200 is sitting at exactly the same level as 6 months ago. A...[Read More]

2021 Edition #42 – Time to retire transitory boofhead

December 3, 2021

(written down by Black Swan) Our best are at the ready... Big Picture Penultimate edition for 2021. Get your fix whilst you can. Big picture is a big week on so many fronts. It all started with the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell...[Read More]

2021 Edition #41 – Yep, we have had a gutful

November 25, 2021

(written down by Black Swan) Is that a skunk hat? Big Picture Shorter edition as promised… not by much… US market carries on… seemingly endlessly. The S&P up 27% year to date. Ord Minnett are calling it a boom. Hard to argue...[Read More]

2021 Edition #40 – You gotta think…

November 18, 2021

(written down by Black Swan) Not sure who Mr Morans is but he must be good. Big Picture Long edition - but I promise a shorter one next week. In an edition late last year we concentrated on the investment time clock theory and I was asked...[Read More]